Sunday, October 14, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: You Pretended to Barf in Your Shirt

It's Sunday, the day we turn to our favorite Brooklyn Missed Connection of the week. There's something poetic about this one in its odd sort of way:
Dumont Burger phone-guy Tuesday night - w4m - 35
I couldn't stop staring at you in the back there answering the phones, when you caught me staring you started mouthing something to me, then began coughing uncontrollably into your shirt, then the bartender came up to you and you covered by pretending to vomit into your shirt and fill it with your vomit- like a water balloon, but with vomit, and then the phone rang..."Dumont Burger" I could watch you say that all night.

Forget about that hunky blond Bartender, you're the real thing. A give-me-what-I-want by taking-what-you-need ravenous Jewish man. A REAL MAN! Like Harry from Sex In The City but slightly less bald. Let me be your Charlotte.
If you know the phone guy at Dumont Burger, do let him know he has a fan.

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