Friday, October 19, 2007

The Karl Fischer Riseth at Roebling & N. 8th

N8-Roebling 10-19

No, not the Roebling Oil Building, which is also a Karl Fischer, but the KF on Karl Fischer Corner, aka N. 8th and Roebling, where North Brooklyn's major architectural presence has designed a building diagonally across from his Roebling Square building. The curious feature about 63 Roebling is that it there was barely any excavation on the site, which is interesting. In any case, it's rising fast.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the developer going to insure the value of the condos he is selling for when the new buyers figure out they have paid top dollar for a condo that sits on a toxic site with NO clean up ever done???? Gee guess that developer will be long gone with his wealth transfered off shore and hidden and he's untouchable and long gone.

What a scam...the old residents are selling and getting out...its just time before enough evidence starts to show that underneath the Burg is a toxic mess far more extensive than ever thought or studied and large swaths of properties are techically toxic....try selling in that market? and what insurance co will want to be on the hook for those properties? So then what? The neighborhood goes back to the liquidations by arson trend that was here of the 70s and 80s???

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

humm looks like the developer of the Fischer building at Roebling and Nth 8th knew he might find a toxic situation that he did not ant to clean up IF he dug a basement that hit the water he made sure he dug a shallow basement so as NOT to create verifiable evidence that his site was contaminated and so he would NOT have to pay for the clean he get to sell the new condos for $500k = each to UNSUSPECTING young buyers who don't know the area and all with the NYC gov and State blessing as they are whores for the tax dollars and figure everyone who is liable will be gone by the time anyone gets enough balls/evidenc to go after them....chasing ghosts....the buyers hold the bag....guess they could walk away and stuff the banks who lent for thr mortgages...yeah Williamsburg got the TOXIC MORTGAGES alright!!!!

re: Robeling Oil field-
Here is some of the report we received:

[The technician] explained that he thought this oil spill was "huge." He gave me some of his opinion. He said that the developer/owner of McCarren Park Mews opposite first started his own investigation which is why the initial test wells were put down. The DEC then took over at state level to continue the investigation because they realized it was much bigger then a few test wells. He believed that when the building opposite started digging they went well below the water table to start their structure and in doing so started to pump the water. When pumping the water, it pulled up the oil from the subsurface and it kept coming as they kept pumping. The guy said to me that it's much bigger then just a tank of oil. They are even putting wells on Union and N 11th for this one. He said they have got work in the area almost everyday.

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