Monday, October 29, 2007

Hotel Le Jolie by the BQE Looking Ready

Le Jolie

Hotel Le Bleu's sister hotel, Le Jolie, on Meeker Avenue in an almost under the BQE location that on the fringes Williamsburg, is almost ready for action. There's no solid word on when the hotel will be open and it doesn't even have a website yet. But, the curtains are in the windows. A big address decal and decal that indicates Le Jolie is Smoke Free have been added to the front door. A big dumpster is in the front parking lot to cart off debris. No word on what the abandoned former gas station next door will be once the property is sold, but it should be an interesting topic of conversation among the parents of Williamsburg residents who stay at Le Jolie. We apologize for calling Le Jolie a "Hot Sheets for Hipsters" kind of place way back when we thought it was going to be a generic place rather than a $200-$300 a night property.

Le Jolie Front Door

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