Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Construction Awards #1: Patricia Lancaster Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sunday Work

525 Union Sunday 1028

...And the winner is...525 Union Avenue in Williamsburg. We are rolling out a new feature today called the Patricia Lancaster Award, aka The Patty. It is named after the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings. We won't be handing out a lot of Patties, but will be saving them for sites that have truly impressed us, both in terms of the high level of achievement that they show in their respective fields (Sunday work, potential threat to public safety) and in the lack of action by the Department of Buildings itself. (The Gold Standard Patty Award building isn't even one we've personally covered. It's that atrocious situation in Sheepshead Bay where 18 different inspections failed to note that a building's foundation hadn't been finished and that the building shouldn't even have been under construction.) We digress, however. Our first Patty winner is 525 Union Avenue, which gets the nod for its perseverance in doing work on Sunday. Rare, in fact, is the Sunday on which we have not found work going on at 525 Union (examples include this, this, this, this, this, this and this.) DOB's website shows that one complaint about Sunday work was filed on June 15 and that an inspector showed up on August 12, a Sunday, and found no problem. (We were out of town on that particular Sunday, so we can't say one way or the other.) For those reasons and more, 525 Union gets a Patricia Lancaster Lifetime Achievement Award for Sunday Work.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For over a year a number of complaints went out to the DOB about a business being run in our residential CoOP. Major traffic: Three employees, messengers, take-out ect..The same Inspector showed up each time, spent an hour or so visiting the apartment-owner and declared that there was no violation. Unless the inspector was blind, it would have been hard to miss the employees, drafting tables and equipment. We contacted J Lapins office, they followed up, and hit the same DOB wall that we had hit. The Board finally took action, and moved him out.
BackgroundInfo: The offended SH works on building projects for the city.
BottomLine: Unless you have friends at the DOB -- forget it!

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