Monday, October 15, 2007

Rats Rock Out at Long Island College Hospital Park

Nevermind the reported rats in Carroll Park. Anyone that wants to hang with the rodents apparently needs to go to Long Island College Hospital Park on Henry Street. Per an email circulating via the Bococa Parents Group, they're a fun bunch:
You will not believe how many rats my friend and I saw at the bigger kids LICH park yesterday afternoon! So many it was really disturbing (approx 6)!! They are all running around the perimeter and towards the garbage cans. There are signs that it has been baited but I wonder if those are old signs.
Another email says, in part:
I have spent many hours over two years calling the LICH staff and the Parks Dept. in my effort to make the hospital maintain the playgrounds. LICH signed an agreement with Guilani to do so in exchange for land to build a garage. It has been an uphill struggle to say the least. The playgrounds are private but the city is supposed to supervise them. I just called the district superintendent of Parks and he said there next inspection is due within the month.
We're not rat experts, but (approximately) six rats in broad daylight in the same place would seem to indicate the rat population is doing very well.



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