Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trash Can Burning Season in Boerum Hill

From an email circulating in Boerum Hill Association circles comes the following email about setting trashcans on fire (and "kids" taking change and food from the corner coffee shop). Here it is:
Last night on Bergen between Hoyt and Nevins someone or group set fire to several trash cans that were put out for garbage pick-up. I saw a police officer who came by looked at the remainders and took a report. I have already received a call from the precinct. I urge any others whose receptacles were burned to make a report to the police. This is on top of several incidents where a group of kids have gone into our very friendly corner coffee shop (Nascent - Bergen and Nevins) and take food and tips off the counter. They are sometimes locking the door - a shame.
Well, at least they're not burning cars like in Park Slope.



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