Monday, October 15, 2007

Williamsburg Sunday Construction Olympics: Monday Medal Ceremony

90 N 5th Labeled

If it's Monday, it means there is a 95 percent chance we have photos and/or video of illegal construction work in Williamsburg (at least, of work we believe to be illegal, having been unable to find evidence of permits for it on the Department of Buildings website.) Today's Medal winners are two longtime favorites, 90 N. 5th Street and 525 Union Avenue. We had already shot photos and video of the crane hoisting steel beams on the roof of the Robert Scarano-designed condo at 90 N. 5th when we got the following email from one of our readers about it: "1:00 sunday, construction going on. full team on the roof." Shifting gears to construction safety, we will note that the worker in the photo above is not wearing a hard hat even though a steel beam is suspended in the air near him. As a bonus, we caught the gate open at Karl Fischer-designed 525 Union Avenue as the the last worker was leaving the site after what we presume was a hard Sunday's work. Also on the upside, both buildings seem to be making superb progress.

525 Union Sunday 1014

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they work on a Sunday doesn't that mean they'll finish construction earlier and the street can be brough back to normal sooner and nearby residents will stop hearing loud construction noises faster?

I guess I would rather have them work 6-7 days a week, but....whatever

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

were you guys at GL hall monitors in high school?

4:19 PM  

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