Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Burg's Finger Building Case Gets Weird(er)

Finger from Below

For those building controversy fans that have been following the Finger Building in Williamsburg, there has been a court case over the building's air rights (or lack thereof) and an issue about its building permits. There was a Summary Judgment earlier this year about the air rights that found the developers didn't have the right to build a 16-story building (it was halted at ten stories), but a final ruling is pending. Meanwhile, the Finger's building permits have expired and the case is before the obscure city body known as the Board of Standards and Appeals. A continuation of the hearing was yesterday, but there was no final decision. There are strong indications, however, the Board will approve permits for the Finger--but it's unclear whether it will opt for 16 stories or 10. Because of the way the building was designed, it does not conform to zoning for a ten-story building. (If you are confused at this point, join the club.) Another hearing will take place December 4. In the meantime, the Finger's lift, which is being repossessed is laying in pieces on the ground in front of the building.



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