Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Demolition Crews Get Going at 340 Court

It's unclear what's going to end up being built at 340 Court Street with the developers, the Clarett Group, saying that they'll be putting up a six or seven story building and residents still afraid of a 21-story tower (which is theoretically okay under current zoning). What's more certain is that the demolition crews got to work yesterday. A GL reader notes: "They have quickly begun tearing down 'Long Island College Hospital Outpatient Lab' at 340 Court between Sackett and Union. This morning I woke up to jackhammers tearing up the sidewalk, chairs, etc. being throw into dumpsters." Carroll Gardens blogger Pardon Me For Asking, who has been all over the 340 Court story, and the day-to-day developments at the site, has noted that "a huge drilly thing" (as seen in the PMFA photo) has also been on the site.



Blogger Build-Ride-Eat-Drink said...

"Drilly thing" likely is a boring rig, that is, the owners are updating their geotechnical report. This could be the first step in determining how tall a building they can fit on the site, or it might just be required for permits.

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