Monday, November 19, 2007

GL Construction Site Du Jour: 208 N. 10th Again and Again and Again...

128 N 10 Fence Open

The huge demolition site at 208 N. 10th in Williamsburg (aka 199-211 N. 9th Street and 489 Driggs) never fails to fill our Sunday with an opportunity to photograph a wide open and hazardous demolition site. This is the view yesterday. Which is not to be confused with this and this. We keep returning to the subject because the site is a death or injury waiting to happen. It is still open in one of the same spots in which it has always been open. We'd urge people to get over there and play with the heavy equipment while the opportunity is available, but history suggests it will be available for weeks to come. Unsafe conditions at this site have persisted since August with no violations.

128 N 10 Fence Two

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