Friday, November 23, 2007

Greenpoint's 143 Huron Celebrates Thanksgiving with Work

Is Greenpoint's 143 Huron Street the construction site that most blatantly thumbs its nose at neighbors, almost daring a Department of Buildings visit to find noisy, illegal construction work? (A DOB visit, we might add, that never seems to come.) There are many development sites in Brooklyn that ignore the law and shine a spotlight on ridiculously ineffective regulation, but 143 Huron is clearly in the running. According to New York Shitty, and a subsequent email, they rang in Thanksgiving by working until after 9PM on Wednesday night and workers were back on the job by 9AM on Thanksgiving and still at it at 3:30PM, according to a report from our Greenpoint correspondent. There were complaints filed with DOB on Wednesday night and again on Thanksgiving morning. Neither complaint was investigated. Nor, for that matter, was a complaint filed on October 16 (according to the Department's own website). Which could help explain why 143 Huron--along with other choice North Brooklyn sites--continues to violate the law with impunity and subject its neighbors to loud construction noise at all hours of the night.

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