Friday, November 16, 2007

Park Slope Pigeon Mania #1: On a Killer's Trail

As it turns out, Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman has a bit of history with the Park Slope pigeon serial killings, having reported on the 1998 dart killings. When reports of the new massacre and fliers surfaced he went over to Eighth Avenue and Sixth Street in the Slope to try to find the source of the evil. He writes, in part:
The pigeon-lover (whose name I’m going to withhold for reasons that will soon become clear) met me at the corner carrying a baby pigeon, still bearing the tell-tale yellow hairs of his infancy. She said she saved the orphaned bird after the weekend massacre. And she also claimed to know who slaughtered these defenseless birds.

“It’s that guy, right over there!” she said, pointing at him.

All I saw was a man sweeping debris in front of his house. But, wait a second, that’s not debris — it’s birdseed!

And the pigeon-lover is running over to him to start screaming...“Why are you sweeping up my birdseed?” the pigeon-lover screamed, demanding that I take the man’s picture. “You’re the one who poisoned those pigeons over the weekend! And the press is here!”

The man denied poisoning the pigeons, by the way, but he didn’t deny sweeping up all the birdseed that the pigeon-lover had left.
Very, very interesting.

[Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Paper]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

pigeon lady is crazy.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else think that she put out the poison seed so she can get herself noticed?

She needs to be removed from the street before she kills again.

10:07 PM  

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