Thursday, November 01, 2007

Roebling Oil Field South: Underground Gasoline Discovered in Greenwood Heights

716 Sixth Avenue

Gasoline was found in Greenwood Heights yesterday. It's unclear how much gasoline is underground there--whether it's an isolated, small pocket or something indicative of a bigger spill--but excavation at 716 Sixth Avenue (at 23rd Street) encountered gasoline. Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights sent out an email saying "light headed here" in reference to the "bad smell of gasoline" in the area. The new condo going up is on the former site of an old gas station, which would indicate a causal relationship. The site does not have a "Little E" environmental restriction. Here's some of the email that went out at 7:30PM:
...Came home about 7:00pm and low and behold there were at least 6 trucks outside of 716 6th Ave (at 23rd St.) and a very bad smell of gasoline. Workers and equipment was still on the street (they have been digging for the water/utilities) so i thought there may have been a spill from the digger.

Nope. Gasoline found in the ground! Did we happen to mention this new condo dev is built over an old gas station? Remediation not done? Or did they hit a pocket of earth with a whole lot of gasoline left over?

You decide.

FDNY said there was no fear of an explosion and DEP is on the way for air quality testing, but I am light headed from being down there. Will follow up to see if DOB needed to be there in the morn and check in with CB7. But if you are in the vicinity, I'd stay away. The smell is overpowering.

Always fun on 23rd St...and no smoking!
Environmental maps show no listed problems in the area such as leaking or ruptured underground tanks. There's a short vid of the scene last night, below.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As per CB7, DEP did test last night and found hazardous waste. I 'm assuming of the gasoline kind.

The complaint and site has been turned over to New York State's Dept. of Environmental Protection.

Can anyone say brown field?

Smelly condos for new buyers!

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering: How far is this site from the gas line running underground all the way from Bay Ridge to JFK that was recent terrorist target?

JEEZ ya think a condo built over this is a good idea? Those people in Bay Ridge sure were not happy to be sitting over their gas line.

12:16 AM  

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