Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rumor Watch: Big Development Taking Shape in South Slope?

Suite Sixteen 16th Street

The big strip of new developments and construction sites on 16th Street in the South Slope (that's "Suite Sixteen" in the photo above) may be getting a new addition. Via the South Slope news group:
Rumor on the street is Ganmar electronics is sold to the developer currently building next door, as well as the one almost finished across the street. Anyone know this for a fact?

I am worried now because they may be pressuring the owner of the parking lot next to ganmar (and the building associated with it) into selling as well. If that lot is sold, it will result in a huge footprint to build on.
The business in question is at 224 16th Street (which is near Sixth Avenue), and the parking lots are at 220 and 222 16th Street. Notes neighborhood activist Aaron Brashear: "I don't think I can handle any more construction work on this block." Will the last original building left standing on 16th Street below Sixth Avenue turn out the lights?



Blogger Jeremiah Moss said...

you linked to my south slope development post a while ago -- it has a visual on the Ganmar building in question. sad to see it go the way of all 16th if this news is true, which it probably is:


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