Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Selective, Short History of Coney Island Renderings

Coney Renderings Together

For those who want a quick look at the many recent iterations of Coney Island renderings and plans, we present a short, selective look:

1) Here's the original Thor Equities Coney Island 1.0 (Beta) that was released two years ago. It's the one with the blimps landing on the hotel roof. It was also called Vegas Coney.

2) This is Coney Island 2.2, floated by Thor Equities in the heady days of June and July when developer Joe Sitt went announced he was dropping his plan for condos.

3) Last November's Coney Island 2.1 release. It didn't help the developer make much headway.

4) This is another example of Coney V2.2 as shown by Thor Equities in early summer. We did like the Elephant on Stillwell Avenue.

5) This is the Coney Island V. 1.6 (Alpha) release. It was released to the market by mistake and quickly pulled.

6) This, of course, is Coney V3.0 (Beta) released last week. It still features a big, looping roller coaster through the project and now has a big swinging ride and an ice skaking rink at the base of the Wonder Wheel.



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