Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday Scaffold Work & Hazardous Conditions at a Favorite Burg Site

489 Driggs Scaffold

The hazardous demolition site at 199-211 N. 9th Street, 208 N. 10th Street and 489 Driggs was worth noting for a couple of reasons yesterday. First, workers were putting up scaffolding, perhaps in a belated attempt to better shield passersby from construction debris, although whether they had a Sunday work permit to do so is unclear. More interesting, though, is that while cosmetic repairs were made to the awful fence around the work site, a child could still gain access to a site that could possibly kill someone. (We've named this a Construction Site Du Jour, not once, but twice and also identified it as a public safety menace and, uh, gave it an award last week for being so consistently crappy and beyond the interest of the Department of Buidlings.) A big gap in the fence was "closed" with a board leaning against it that almost fell over when we touched it. On the bright side, it looks like they're making progress on the demolition, so, within a month the issue will be an empty lot that is not properly secured.

489 Driggs Fence

489 Driggs Inside Again

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