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Toll Brothers Making Moves in Gowanus?

Bond Street Sale

The evidence is starting to mount that the Toll Brothers are making a move in Gowanus or, at least, starting the process of trying to sway politically-influential supporters in advance of zoning decisions.

Sign #1: The closed door, invite-only meeting with Gowanus "activists" that was reported in the Brooklyn paper on Friday to preview the McMansion buildings plans for a mixed use development between Carroll and Second Streets and Bond Street and the Gowanus Canal. Building heights are said to range up to 12 stories near the canal.

Sign #2: Found in Brooklyn reports that two businesses in Toll-owned buildings that would be in the development footprint are closing. Found writes, in part:
I received a "courtesy call" from the dry cleaning facility (a wholesaler that also had a walk in business for locals) located on the corner of Bond and 2nd Streets yesterday. They said that "I should come and get my clothes today or tomorrow because they are relocating."...It seemed to be a pretty hasty exit as the place seemed to running as normal the last time I went in about two weeks ago. The woman said the other business on the block "Fiberwave" is moving out as well.
Unrelated specifically to the Toll Brothers, but clearly related to the rezoning, there are a significant number of buildings on Bond Street currently on the market.

Are the moves by the Toll firm related? Are the closures indicative of the coming of bulldozers? Are the developers trying to line up support for building heights that are certain to spark controversy in both Gowanus and Carroll Gardens? Stay tuned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toll Brothers in general is losing their shirts this year. The two Williamsburg projects are turning into a bust, and if anything I would expect some retreat from them. Do you know if Toll Brothers had had an option on the properties then perhaps aftr sitting on it for a while decided to flip the properties to another buyer/developer.

We are headed into the worse real estate downturn since the early 80s (if we are lucky not worse) so I doubt Gowanus will be appealing when the prospective buyers will be able to afford neighborhoods they had been priced out of like manhattan..and that's IF wall street and madison ave don't have massive layoffs and create an exodus of the white colar buyers

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those properties have been on the market forever so I wouldn't read too much into that.
The real story is the "secret" meeting and who attended. I heard that some CB6 members who have job related vested interests were invited along with an owner of a funeral home.
Shame on the Brooklyn Paper for perpetuating the secrecy and not naming names. What is there to hide? Or is it a fear of community backlash? Hmmm.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The meeting was held at Buddy Scotto's funeral parlor. In attendance were his daughter Debbie and Mr. Shamus, the lawyer, both members of C.B. 6
It is an absolute conflict of interest. Someone should look into it.
Shame on Buddy who likes to think of himself as the Mayor Of Carroll Gardens but doesn't seem to represent anybody in Carroll Gardens any more.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Debbie owns property on 2nd and Bond and was also the developer for the condo on Rapeleye.
Also in attendance were CB6 members who work with the Fifth Ave. Committee (which has a proposal in for Public Place) and a rep for the carpenters union.

Where were the people that live and work along the Gowanus?

Was our councilmember there?

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was told by a reliable source that they are going to approve 20 story towers along the canal.
And did you know that Con Ed is building a 7 story power station next to Lowes.
I also heard that two major financers were at the secret meeting and everyone there signed an agreement to become a partnership in a consortium that plans to purchase the entire canal and turn it into an amusement park using the canal itself as a white water rapid with a integral water slide coming from the concrete factory.

None of this is true of course – but if I write it in a blog and other people who have no clue as to any real facts write 20 – 30 responses to it – then it becomes fact.

and no i was not at or invited to the meeting nor involved with the folks there. i am a real person who is just a little tired of the drama.

this blog is a real tool where people coudl make a real difference - but instead it always comes down to drama.

This is fun.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be drama if the meeting hadn't been cloaked in secrecy and the participants hadn't remained anonymous in the Brooklyn Paper article.

There were CB 6 members there and I hope that they weren't attending as CB6 members especially since they have something to gain by seeing this project come to fruition.

And hey - an amusement park on the canal was my idea. That would be great.

3:30 PM  

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