Sunday, November 04, 2007

Trashy Mystery/Possible Opportunity in Boerum Hill

Depending on one's perspective, the following odd situation in Boerum Hill, via one of the local mailing lists, is either a huge pain or a Godsend. We know people that would consider it to be either. It could be a great way to get into the thrift shop or Williamsburg weekend sidewalk vending business. Anyway, here's the situation:
We are experiencing a strange wrinkle in the urban garbage experience. Over the last week someone has been leaving garbage bags and cardboard boxes full of junk - old shoes, clothes, paperbacks, pots and pans - in front of our house, or actually neatly stacked neatly next to our garbage cans inside our front yard!? We and our tenants are puzzled since none of it is ours?? Today it was a cardboard box from a microwave filled with old pots and pans.

If someone has been cleaning out closets or your basement, or I suspect conducting a renovation and clearing out previous owners junk - please either schlepp this stuff over to the Salvation Army, or bag it properly in clear recycling bags (pots & pans are metal) or put into black trash bags and put out in front of your residence on the appropriate pickup days?

You will not get fined if you dispose of it properly, you burn off calories by walking to the Salvation Army, but we will be fined if you put it in front of our yard and it is illegally packaged.
We don't understand why the junk dumpers don't simply leave it out front of their own place Park Slope Sidewalk Giveaway-Style.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats some serious junk there. How long did it take to gather all those things? I suggest you give some charity a ring. They will come and pick it up for you

7:23 PM  

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