Friday, November 02, 2007

Treatment for 20th Street Crack Problem Underway


On Wednesday we noted some issues that had come up as a result of work at 300 20th Street in Greenwood Heights, as did Brownstoner on Tuesday. Last night, we got an email and photos from Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights (which stays on top of issues in its neighborhood like few other groups in Brooklyn) noting that a wall was being ripped from the back of damaged building, presumably in order to do repairs. This is a case where Department of Buildings did a surprise inspection of the excavation, discovered the problem (undermining of nearby buildings and properties) and issued a Stop Work Order (except for the repairs). According to the email:
They have removed the cracked part of the back of K&H Deli's brick wall, shored it up with 4X4s and then added plywood (I assume to close up the back of the building). Darn if it doesn't look like K&H has a nice back summer porch...At 6pm tonight, the site's new "side door" was wide open and I waltzed in...
As of 6:34 last night, there was a new complaint lodged against 300 20th Street at the Department of Buildings for having an open gate.

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