Saturday, December 01, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Getting Fresh in the Slope Edition

There are a couple of Park Slope retails developments to note or update on this first Saturday of December:
1) Get Fresh, at 370 Fifth Avenue, is having its grand opening celebration this week. The service offers "farm-fresh meals" that are prepared for cooking at home. Meals can be ordered online or picked up at the store. The menu is here. This coming week, they're offering a Daily Menu Tasting in the store from 11am - 6pm with samples from the regular menu and the holiday menu.

2) The Tempo Presto crash and burn on Seventh Avenue that we first reported yesterday morning continues to give off smoke. While the owners are apparently blaming the Seventh Avenue location saying that it just wasn't busy enough throughout the day (feeding into the corner of death image that the spot has among many Slopers), GL readers point the finger of blame at inept, uncaring and even surly service. They say it was the sort of place that one went into once, had a bad experience and, then, avoided.



Blogger jfgrossen said...

Love the food at Tempo Presto, but I have to agree with the service issue. Nearly every time we stopped in for a sandwich there appeared to be a mini-crisis with every order taken. They really could have had something special with that spot.

11:13 AM  

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