Friday, December 21, 2007

Carroll Gardens Hell Building Back in Business

It appears that 333 Carroll Street, which is also known as the Carroll Gardens Hell Building and also "What the Hell is That?" due to the supersized addition on top, is back in business. At least, the Department of Buildings has re-issued permits for the controversial building redo by architect Robert Scarano. Work on the Hell Building was stopped because of issues having to do with questions about the addition on top (which is visible from a great distance in low-rise Carroll Gardens). Yet, new approvals on some permits came out DOB on December 18. It's unclear how the issues that led to the halt of work were addressed. Nonetheless, neighborhood blogger Pardon Me for Asking, was quick to make sure the word got around and was both angry and incredulous. She writes:
Could it be? Please tell me Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster and the Buildings Department have more sense than this?...Here we are again. After all the controversy generated by this construction project it is amazing that we are right back to where we were 7 Months ago.
The 333 Carroll building has often been used to highlight the need for rezoning in Carroll Gardens, so it will be interesting to see if the battle flares up again and if political pressure puts the building on ice again.



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