Saturday, December 29, 2007

Coney Island at the Close of 2007


In contrast to last winter, when developer Joe Sitt's bulldozers were working to demolish a square block of the amusement district, Coney Island is very, very quiet this winter. The land that Mr. Sitt cleared last winter is empty and surrounded by a blue fence. Several of the buildings he owns remain boarded up, adding an air of added rot. A broken pipe in one of Mr. Sitt's buildings continues to spew water, as it's been doing for weeks. The dogs guarding the kiddie rides that remain on the developer's land continue to growl and bark at passersby as they do every winter. The cross placed atop the Wonder Wheel for the holidays is there. Yesterday was a warm day, so quite a few people were out on the boardwalk, which remains as decrepit as always and a danger to life and limb. Enjoy our slideshow below.



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