Monday, December 17, 2007

More Fun with Carroll Park

The last time GL paid a visit to Carroll Park, it was in the context of an incident that had taken place there, which sparked a tiny community furor before dying down. Now, it seems, there are issues with park maintenance. At least, that would seem to be the case, per this message from Carroll Gardens blogger Pardon Me for Asking to Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe about the the crappy condition of upkeep and lack of workers at the park. Here is her note:
Dear Mr. Benepe, New York City Parks Commissioner,

All Carroll Park wants for Christmas is some park workers. There are currently no Parks Department employees in Carroll Park. Zero! Zilch! Not even Kathleen, the wonderful recreation person who does Arts and Crafts with the children in the park house remains. All of the personnel have been reassigned to other parks within Brooklyn. Why, you ask? Because the New York Parks Department has not been able to fix the broken heating system in the park house. This has been going on for WEEKS!

Now how difficult is it to fix something like this? And how long should it take? One week, two or three? I guess there is no money to replace the entire system if it needs to be changed. In the meantime, the park is not being taken care of. All you have to do is to look at what showed up at the park's entrance near President Street and Court. That's right: a mattress! And there is no one who can clean it up. So, dear Commissioner Benepe, won't you help this little park of ours?

Yours sincerely,
Ms. Pardon Me For Asking
Volunteer member of The Committee to Improve Carroll Park
Answers to follow, we presume.



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