Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Neighborhood Blog: The Real Flatbush

Real Flatbush Screencap

We're looking forward to interesting things from The Real Flatbush, a new blog that bills itself as being for "non-pretentious people who live in Flatbush." There's this post, for intance, on hook up spots in the neighborhood:
This being a neighborhood blog, I've decided to chronicle the best pick up spots on Flatbush. My favorites are Stop N Shop and Staples, on Regent, C-Town on Church and Argyl and C-Town off New Kirk Plaza. These are great places to meet new people. After 5:30 to 7 on weekdays are the best. This is the after work crowd. Most of the women and men are single professionals. Also on Saturday and Sunday Mid Mourning till 2 PM. I also like the Variety store on the corner of Parkside and Flatbush next to the Duane Reade. I've found that places that are not too pretentious or overdone are great to meet down to earth people.
Or check out this Christmas Day post on "Best Date Spots on Flatbush." In a much more serious vein, have a look at yesterday's post on "Microaggression in Flatbush," which raises some important questions:
I like to park my car near those free standing houses near and around Ditmas Park and Prospect Park South. It seems that the home owners are very stand offish to such things. A while back I parked my car on one of those streets in the morning. On my way back from work I picked up my car. It had been awhile since I checked my oil. I looked under the hood. As I was working on my car a white family that was in a conversation was walking down the street. As soon as they saw me the conversation stopped and there was this silence. The mom hurried her kids into the house. Another white neighbor guy from across the street looked around and went back to his house. Less than a minute later the security patrol car came and decided to park his car right near where I was checking my oil...I then realized that this might have been a microaggresive behavior. Has this ever happen to other Black men living in the area? Part of the reason that I loved Flatbush when I was growing up was that I did not have to deal with that kind of subtle racism from my neighbors.
We look forward to a lot more from The Real Flatbush.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Real Flatbush blogger is a race baiter....don't get too excited. He has deleted all my comments based on his race baiting....pretty damned pathetic.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Real Flatbush Blog" seems to be a blog that uses most of its space to bash the "fairer skinned" newcomers to the neighborhood.

Here is his opening article;

“It seems that there has been a number of blogs pertaining to my neck of the woods lately. There is a disturbing trend with all these blogs. (see Ditmas park blog, Across the park, Planet PLG etc. ) They all seem to want to "change" Flatbush. Kinda like the White Mens buddern. We all know how colonization pan out. I've decided to blog about this new world.”

The spelling is his.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Race-baiter or not, many (to use your words) "fairer skinned" newcomers, (or returners in a handful of cases, move into neighborhoods in which they are strangers and want to dictate how things should go just because they are "fairer skinned". As a life-long Flatbush resident and home-owner, who has seen this happen in other neighborhoods as well, I'm very much against this. Your voice, concerns and needs should be heard of course, but that doesn't mean that because you say it that it's right. Try being "darker skinned", moving into Manhattan Beach, Bensonhurst, or other 'isolated' neighborhoods and see if they'd let you get away with that. Try putting the shoe on the other other foot. Indeed.

3:57 PM  

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