Thursday, December 13, 2007

Upcoming: The Sticker Dude's Show in Williamsburg

Joel Cohen, aka The Sticker Dude, is showing some of his work at ART 101 in Williamsburg. The show runs from December 14 through 23. The email we got said, in part:
Joel S. Cohen, collects artwork, puns, aphorisms, -the visual and verbal symbols, aesthetic moods and graphic social commentaries that surround us. After stripping these appropriations of their contexts, he achieves a personal resonance by combining, adding and reconfiguring so that old images convey new ideas. He then, as a professional printer, reproduces the works in quantity, in readily accessible media, and distributes them as freely and as personally as possible.

Over the years, Joel's body of work has become surreal, graphically irreverent and even grotesque, prodding the viewers to reconsider what they believe they know about the world.
On Friday (12/14) from 6PM to 9PM "the Sticker Dude will
welcome you to his Sticker Universe with a Performance and Distribution of his sui generis wit." The opening coincides with Williamsburg's Every 2nd Friday when galleries are open until 9 pm. ART 101 is at 101 Grand Street and is open Friday through Sunday from 1 – 6 PM. More about The Sticker Dude here.

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