Tuesday, January 22, 2008

340 Court Asbestos Remove-O-Rama: Daylight Edition

340 Court Asbestos One

The Clarett Group's 340 Court Street development has generated some controversy over its asbestos removal in terms of (a). neighbors saying that they weren't adquately notified when it started, (b). the big inflatable rat it attracted last week and (c). work going on until midnight and later, including reports that workers are tossing bags of asbestos-laden material from the room under cover of darkness. These photos were sent to us by another neighbors that is concerned about the asbestos removal that is going on. In sending the photos our photographer writes, "More trained eyes than mine can tell if this looks kosher..." What interests us is how the bags get from Point A (the roof) to Point B (the dumpster). If the bags do contain material with asbestos is it okay to bags from the roof as neighbors say has been happening?

340 Court Asbestos Two

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live on that square block and my roommates report that on Sunday night, around 8PM, bags were being thrown from the roof into the dumpster.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are those flags printed on the bags or are they throwing away flags? I live 2 blocks from this building and am dreading the demolition process..

also, if you and your roomies saw this, call 311.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted the first post above. Here is more detail from my roomie who witnessed this:

Workers "on the roof formed a
chain and were passing bags of stuff from a door on
the roof to the edge of the roof. the last guy in the
chain (i.e., the guy at the edge of the roof) threw
the bags down into the dumpster below.

i was alerted to this going on because i heard what
sounded like thunder at regular intervals and went
outside to see what was going on. the noise was being
made by the bags as they hit the dumpster."

3:33 PM  

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