Friday, January 25, 2008

Bklink: Gentrification

The concept of urban gentrification has been a hot button issue since it came into use in the 1970s. Here's an essay on the topic from 1978 "when the very word 'gentrification' was relatively new. The article isn't perfect; it doesn't deal with race at all (an important oversight). But it points the way to showing that—then as now—attacks on gentrification are ridiculously simplistic."--Hawthorne Street



Anonymous Anonymous said...

while below happened in Russia where the developers are given even more power than in Brooklyn could we be far from this?
People are already afraid when the construction starts next door that they will do something that destroys your building!

Hmmm. Didn't I have a house here? Thu Jan 24, 10:51 PM ET

Returning home after an absence can mean unpleasant surprises — a leaky roof, a pet's mess, even a break-in. But a Russian woman got a nastier surprise when she returned from her country house: her home was gone, torn down mistakenly by construction workers clearing a site, according to a report Thursday on NTV television.

"There was nothing left, not even a log," Lyudmila Martemyanova said, bundled against the cold and standing on a snow-covered lot in the center of the Volga River city of Nizhny Novgorod.

A local prosecutor, Nikolai Govorkov, said a construction company tore down the wrong building — Martemyanova's, instead of one nearby that was marked for demolition.

Many Russians have faced what they say are unfair and inadequately compensated evictions from older housing being torn down amid the country's oil-revenue-fueled construction boom.

Martemyanova's case is extreme, however, and she has taken it to court. She refused the builder's offer of money, saying it wasn't enough even to get a room on the outskirts of the city, and has sued.

Court hearings started Thursday. Meanwhile, she's shuttling back and forth between her daughter's and her sister's, she told NTV.

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