Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check Out Some Industrial and Working Brooklyn

We've posted some links recently to items on the Fading Ad Blog by Frank H. Jump, which has been around for nearly a year, but every time we look at it we're captivated by some of the Brooklyn posts. (We wish we'd found it and put in our RSS feed a looong time ago.) The blog ranges broadly, but there's often a fantastic focus on corners of Brooklyn that many people rarely visit like Canarsie and even more obscure blocks in Red Hook. The photo above is from a post yesterday about Old Dutch Brewers Inc. on East 42nd Street in East Flatbush. The shot below is one from a post on Hecht's Hardware on Foster Avenue in East Flatbush. We could go and on and on with mentions of posts we're loving, but simply suggest a click over to Fading Ad and a good look around.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fading Ad is a brilliant website. I love it, too.

8:18 AM  

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