Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Upcoming: New York Matters Film Series in Gowanus

There's very cool series of film present by Spoke the Hub called "New York Matters" coming up at the Gowanus Arts Building, which is located at 295 Douglass Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. The films will be shown at 7:30 PM on the second Friday of every month. Here's some wording about the series, plus the schedule:
Spoke the Hub is proud to host the upcoming film series "New York Matters", curated by Isabel Hill. The New York Matters film series digs deep into the core of the issues, stories, places, changes and people that make New York a community. On the second Friday of every month, Spoke the Hub will open its doors at the iconic Gowanus Arts Building to present films that are unmistakably New York. Perfect for families, dates, friends and nights when you would love to watch a great movie in a huge loft space among fellow Brooklynites. Suggested donation: $5.00

2/8 "City of Water" by Jasper Goldman & Loren Talbot: A look at how public officials, environmentalists, recreational boaters and regular New Yorkers see our waterfront and its future as development proceeds at gold-rush pace. (Filmmaker will be in attendance for a question and answer session following the film.)

3/14 “Every Mother’s Son” by Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold: Three different women lose sons to police brutality in New York City and unite to fight for change.

4/11 “The Collector of Bedford Street” by Alice Elliot: An Academy-award nominated film about a neighbor with disabilities and how a New York community makes a plan to help him stay in the neighborhood.

5/9 “Metropolitan Avenue” by Christine Noschese: An inspiring film about a Brooklyn community, the changing role of women and how powerful ordinary people can be when they join together to fight for something they believe in.

6/13 “Made in Brooklyn” by Isabel Hill: The compelling stories of factories that flourish in Brooklyn challenge the notion that manufacturing is dead in America.

7/11 “Lavender Lake” by Alison Prete: A Brooklyn community dreams and battles over a new and suddenly desirable urban landscape.

8/8 “Taking the Heat” by Bann Roy: The daring story of the first women firefighters in New York City.
Good stuff right through August.

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