Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Vegan Buffalo Wing Eating Contest on Grand Street

Among the things we weren't expecting to post about this week was a vegan chicken wing eating contest, but here we are. Foodswings, the vegan eatery on Grand Street in the Burg is holding what is billed as the "first ever Vegan Buffalo Wing Eating Contest" on January 16. It takes place at 6PM and is sponsored by Frank's Red Hot Sauce. With that, we go to the press release that brought it to our attention and the copy & paste:
Contestants, herbivore and omnivore alike, have registered to battle for prizes donated by Franks Red Hot and local businesses, including cash, T-shirts, tattoo gift cards and of course, ultimate bragging rights. The rules are simple: 10 pre-registered contestants will have 15 minutes to devour as many fiery hot veggie wings as they can - anyone who pukes is disqualified. Contestants will have to eat the wings to the "bone" (or more literally, to the wooden stick), with only water available...

While none of the competitors thus far are professional eaters, each contestant illustrates the unique, quirky and extremely diverse population of Foodswings fans. Brothers, bikers, hipsters, musicians and artists are just some of the people stretching their stomachs for the big day.
Tofu hot dog eating contest, anyone? Foodswings is at 295 Grand Street, between Roebling and Havemeyer Street.



Blogger annulla said...

I'd like to try a vegan buffalo wing, but I'll be skipping this event. I once (once!) witnessed an eating contest and it was really, truly and thoroughly disgusting.

Blather From Brooklyn

3:49 PM  

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