Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weeks Later, 340 Court Posts an Asbestos Sign

340 Court Asbestos Sign

After several weeks of work removing asbestos at the Clarett Group's 340 Court Street in Carroll Gardens and a host of reports of bags of unknown substances being tossed from the roof after midnight, asbestos removal signs have finally appeared. Our correspondent notes:
This sign is at 340 Court street on the Union street side. The dumpsters are gone. This sign put up a few weeks too late, I'd say. It's also taped to a rotten piece of plywood, held in place by a drawer. It was flapping in the breeze...
We had photos on Monday of an enormous pile of bags on the roof, which were later reported to be tossed down to a dumpster at night.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far Clarett is off to a shoddy job. The community really wants to work with them to make this development fit the site and community. I would hope they would read the post on the Amity street mews below, the comments by the developer especially, on your blog. Developers can work with the community toward a good result. That is what the Carroll Gardens community wants. Thank you.

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