Friday, February 08, 2008

Bklink: Green Williamsburg

The Burg is getting a green building at 439 Metropolitan Avenue. It will have a mix of apartments and office space from Helder Design. It's NYC's first LEED Platinum rating for a mixed-use buildings and one of several green buildings going up in Brooklyn, including the Greenbelt, another Williamsburg structure. The bad news is it's right where there is a never ending flow of traffic turning off Metropolitan Avenue to get on the BQE.--Curbed

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Note fron the designer / developer:
Building a green building near the BQE presents some obvious challenges, but I think the design responds to them. Air quality anywhere in NYC does not meet EPA standards, so no matter where you live, the air you’re breathing is not as clean as it should be. That said, green building on this location makes a lot of sense since a whole house building design can mitigate any adverse situation.
By design, at 439 Metropolitan, 100% of the ventilation air will be filtered to near HEPA standards. This means the building will have one of the best indoor air qualities in the city, far exceeding the American Lung Association’s standards for their Health House certification.
Noise pollution is mitigated in 2 ways, from the outside though heavy laminated glass and from neighbor to neighbor by concrete floors with an acoustically insulated radiant floor slab.
Mark Helder

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You rock because you actually read what people are saying in the blogs. And you seem responsible and talented after loking at your website. Come on over to Carroll Gardens. Thay need you.

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