Friday, February 08, 2008

Brooklyn Nibbles: Burg Hooka Bar Going Up in Smoke?

It looks like Banbalotto, the hooka bar and Mediterranean restaurant on N. 4 Street near Bedford Avenue, may not be drawing smoke much longer. We came across a listing for a restaurant/lounge available for "amazing under market rent." When we went to look we found it was a "a 2200 sq ft Hooka Bar on North 4th and Bedford. Full Liquor Lic, Full Kitchen w/hood, completely turn key Bar/Restaurant!" Banbalotto has been open a little more than a year. The space can be yours for $5,665 a month.
[Photo courtesy of A Test of Will]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't always believe what you read. What was advertised on CL was a total joke! Next time the broker should do research before advertising a scam. "Full kitchen?" Hmmm... check out the dept of health website, and you will see the kitchen was not even constructed according to NYC Health Dept standards. "Full liq lic?" If they even had one to transfer over...Aha!!!! Now that's where this shit really gets ugly. Not worth the risk to deal with these shady ass ppl.

10:35 AM  

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