Friday, February 15, 2008

Brooklyn Nibbles: D'Ag Bank Work Underway, Maggie's New Moo in the Slope

Dagostino Space

1) Park Slope: Work is very much underway on the Seventh Avenue storefronts that once housed D'Agostino's and Gothic Cabinet Craft. The plywood is up around two-thirds of the property and permits have been issued by DOB, although they don't make clear who the new tenants will be. When we passed by, not a single permit had been posted outside the building, however. The word we got last year was Bank of America, but there's no firm indication of the new tenants.

2) Park Slope: Building permits have been issued for work on one of Seventh Avenue's most cursed storefronts of death near Third Street. Building permits are not illuminating as to the identity of the new business going into the space. The most recent tenant was Maggie Moo's, which went to the Big Dairy in the Beyond last year. So many business have occupied the space and died over the last decade that everyone has lost count. Rumors of ritual animal sacrifices and curses being placed on the property are unfounded, however. We think.

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