Friday, February 08, 2008

Coney Island #2: New Lighting for the Parachute Jump?

Was it barely two years ago that the lighting scheme designed by Leni Schwendinger was unveiled? Well, the very subtle lighting debuted to mixed reviews and apparently hasn't done the trick and, now, Borough President Marty Markowitz is pushing a $1.5 million project that would include another redo of the lighting for Brooklyn's Eiffel Tower. The previous lighting project took two years to design and complete. During his State of the Borough Speech, Mr. Markowitz said, "I look forward to 'Phase Two' of the 'blinging up' of the Parachute Jump." He also said that he still hopes it will be returned to its original use as a functioning ride.



Blogger said...

They Should redo it. You can barely see the lights from the BQE- you literally have to stand next to the thing to see the lights.

10:48 AM  

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