Thursday, February 21, 2008

PSA: Cute Rescued Pup in Need

Husky Pup

We got an email about a young Huskie that was rescued after being hit by a car somewhere on Ocean Avenue. He needs adoption and help. Here are the details:
My sister saw an adorable puppy huskie get hit by a car running across Ocean Avenue. His leg and foot may be broken, and he's very, very malnourished. He's maybe a year old, extremely sweet and gentle. His neck is completely raw, we thought the fur around his neck was shaved but it was just matted down and raw from being tied up so long. It's very sad. She already has a dog (Apollo, the Dalmatian from the dog park) and I can't take another pet either. We couldn't get ambulatory service late Wednesday night when we found him. She is going to try today, but I know she doesn't want to give him to a kill shelter. If anybody wants to take him in, please email ryleysar (at) yahoo (dot) com
and karyley (at) yahoo (dot) com
An excellent opportunity to score a big, special karma bonus by lending a helping hand.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

take him to BARC!

10:53 AM  

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