Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rats Paying Ultimate Price for Roebling Oil Field West?

475 Driggs Rat Poison

Generally, the rats are the first to know that something is up with a property. So, we were fascinated to find that 475 Driggs, the building that shares much of the block to the west of the Roebling Oil Field Warehouse 11 now has a bunch of those big black rat poison things and rat poison signs. Last year, a tipster mentioned that the building might be on the market. No property sale is noted in city records yet and no building permits have been filed, but the sudden activity indicates that something is up (or may have already happened and we're just waiting for the paperwork to be posted). The Karl Fischer-designed Roebling building has always seemed like it was meant to have a big center courtyard and companion buildings to the west and south. It will be interesting to see if the property is changing hands, not to mention what might be found when excavation starts.

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Blogger Evan Bray said...

That means the building is going to be demolished. Before obtaining a demo permit, you must get a letter from an exterminator indicating shit's been killed there. Reason is once demo is underway, the rats would flee their burrows for all the neighboring properties.

11:12 AM  

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