Friday, February 08, 2008

Return of the Little Park Slope Street Pissers

We are suckers for stories about the Little Pissing Princes of Park Slope, aka the little ones that take whizzes out in the street and the parents that help them. One the one hand, we understand the problem. On the other, we're not sure why people think it's okay to have their kids go on a tree like they're Golden Retrievers. In any case, we have new fodder thanks to the good people over at the Park Slope Forum on Brooklynian. The story:
I was walking my dog this morning around 8:25 on 14th between 7th and 8th, when i walked by what at first looked like a father consoling his son, standing close behind him and sort of hugging/sheltering him (i'm guessing the kid was between 8-10, judging by size). but on quick closer inspection, i realized that he was actually sheltering his son from view while the kid peed into the road.
Which led to this tale:
I was at work last summer with the door open, I have a good view of the tree in front of the bookstore. A woman stopped by the tree with a little girl 2 or 3 years old (I'm terrible with ages). The woman lifted the little girl's dress (no underwear) then held her up so she could pee in the tree well. This was on a sunny afternoon on 7th Ave, tons of people on the street. A 2 or 3 year old being unable to control their bladder I can understand. But an 8-10 year old? Hopefully, it was just poor planning and there was nothing wrong with the kid.
Which led to this somewhat off-topic, yet compelling story:
I saw a chick pee on the subway one night a couple weeks ago. #2 train (haha) Brooklyn bound from 72nd St. Damn, there is a public restroom at 42nd St. Her friends held a big coat out as a privacy barrier. She pissed right on the train, in front of the door leading to the next car. I changed cars at 42nd. Ew. They were all tore and beyond conversation. It would never occur to my boys to pee in the street because I have never provided that to them as an option.
It has not escaped our notice that the person that related the original Park Slope Pissing story was walking her dog, which does impart some irony. You can follow the entire amusing conversation here. And, for a trip down memory lane, might we suggest our post on the Subway Potting Pissing from last year. We now return to coverage of land use, zoning and other weighty issues.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I resent your implication about the "irony" as you call it of the women seeing this as she walked her dog. It's not like you can toilet train a dog, and p.s. they're not people! Having people teach their kids to do this in public is just another sign of the end of any sort of civility in this world.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maybe the "irony" in this situation was that a person was out walking their dog [an animal which, like you said, has no toilet skills] presumambly so it could go the bathroom, and they happen to stumble upon a child [a human, who should have toilet skills] pissing on a tree, in public, just like an animal would do.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lighten up..geeze. seeing one kid peeing in the street is not the end of civility. if you've seen the movie Big Daddy, you'd understand... sometimes kids just need to go. and if i had to choose between my kid pissing his/her pants or drop trou and piss in the street.. I'd tell him/her drop trou and do your biz.

1:22 PM  

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