Friday, February 08, 2008

Unsettling Account of a Park Slope Mugging

Someone forwarded us an email that originated with the busy and often interesting Park Slope Parents email group that returns to the topic of muggings in Park Slope that had flared up a few weeks ago, but that hadn't been borne out by a statistical upsurge in robbery. In this case, someone living on Tenth Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenue was mugged at his door at 6:30PM. The resident was almost inside his door when he realized that someone was behind him. "The man tried to come in the door and he pulled out a knife," the email says. "The two of them struggled, pushing from either side of the door. The mugger didn't say anything during the attack. My husband let go of the door and came further into the house--the mugger grabbed his bag and ran up the street." The mugger apparently ran back to the Seventh Avenue station and took the F Train. The mugger was described being tall, in his 20s, wearing orange pants and a dark top. Orange pants? Way to blend.

[Photo courtesy of keithcarver/flickr]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow.. such a great escape: the F train! ...

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