Friday, February 08, 2008

Upcoming: "Animals & Sin"

Here's an email that is making the round to promote a new "monthly lecture series" called Adult Ed that is "devoted to making useless knowledge somewhat less useless," which is a cause we can always get behind, if not relate to. Per the email, "Each month is devoted to a given theme, and 4 speakers will address some aspect of that theme using visual aids." And so, the first installment will take place on Tuesday (2/12) at Union Hall in Park Slope. It starts at 8PM and admission is $5. The program is as follows: Daniel Radosh on The Quest to Develop Kosher Bacon, Mikki Halpin on Sexual Violence in the Domestic Pug, Jeffrey Kastner presenting A Brief History of Animals on Trial and Carrie McLaren speaking on a topic to be decided. Union Hall, which has gotten a lot of blog space in the last few weeks for its brave (and short lived) attempt to ban strollers and toddlers is located at 702 Union St. at 5th Ave in Park Slope.

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