Sunday, March 23, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: I Got You Busted

We've picked to items for our weekly Brooklyn Craigslist Missed Connection. They are oddly related in a first or second cousins kind of way. One involves an odd arrest at the Jay Street station and the other has as its focus a kumquat thief at Union Market in Park Slope:
You got arrested Jay St F train for helping me 1:45 am - w4m

I hope you are OK I am really sorry I just don't understand the cops. I never figured the doors closing on you would qualify for an arrest, I tried to fix it and explain to them that you were just helping me find the right train, I'm sorry, really truly sorry. Guess thats what you get for being a nice person, its pretty unbelievable, guess i won't dare ask anyone for directions again.
We also like the kumquat thief:
Union Market near the kumquats - w4m - 27

You were pocketing kumquats from the little cartons, and I was not-so-subtly having a dinner of olive samples, but I didn't report you because I have a criminal record myself and know the system is against people like us. What's a little petty crime? It's all culinary, baby.
The guy got arrested for getting stuck in the door?

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