Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rate Your Brooklyn Bus Route, Starting April 1

<Bus in Park Slope

Sometimes, voicing an opinion in a way that is designed for public officials and bureaucrats can be a good thing. Brooklyn bus riders will have a chance to rate the buses they ride staring on Tuesday (yes, April Fool's Day) and running through April 18. Per Sewell Chan on the CityRoom:
For many Brooklynites, the public bus system is a lifeline for getting around. The B61 in Red Hook, the B37 in Bay Ridge, the B48 in Sheepshead Bay and the B83 in Starrett City are all vital pathways for commuters, particularly in neighborhoods that have few or no concentration of subway stations....the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is giving local bus customers in Brooklyn a chance to rate — and rage against? — their routes using “Bus Rider Report Cards.” New York City Transit expects to hand out thousands, if not tens of thousands, of report cards for commuters to fill out...
The report cards will also be available on the MTA website by clicking here. (Currently the link leads to surveys for Staten Island buses.) in city’s most populous borough.

The report card asks for ratings on 19 elements of service including wait times between buses, seat availability, clarity of bus destination signs, whether the bus operates on schedule, cleanliness, lack of graffiti and scratchitti, courtesy of the driver, "ease" of paying the fare and more. Grades are from A to F and there's also an overall rating for the route. Surveys will be handed out on buses and can also be done online (starting April Fool's Day). The survey will run through May 23.



Blogger Erica said...

A minor correction on the Sewell Chan quote on the CityRoom, re: "...the B48 in Sheepshead Bay..."

That line actually runs from Prospect Park South to the Williamsburg Bridge, while the B49 runs from Kingsborough Community College, through Sheepshead Bay along Ocean Avenue, all the way up to Bed-Stuy. A very reliable bus, not unlike the 44, which runs parallel along Nostrand.

Somebody outta tell him, no? Me? I don't so much read the Times.

PS: B4 sucks rotten Easter eggs...gets my vote for worst bus in the entire borough. Space shuttles picking passengers up and taking them to the Moon come far more often than the B4.

11:20 AM  

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