Monday, April 14, 2008

Development Stopped in Its Tracks on Grand Street

219 Grand Excavation

We hadn't checked on the site of the Karl Fischer "Monster Tower" at Grand Street and Driggs Avenue, which had been the scene of an earlier demolish & dig frenzy as the controversial neighborhood downzoning was being considered. Apparently, the city slapped the site--which has had an astounding 44 complaints phoned in against it--with a Stop Work Order the day before a vote on the rezoning because "job not 0% completed" under the rezoning, which was approved by the City Council. Someone wrote on the document, whose image is below, "job to be lifted by zoning only." It would appear that Mr. Fischer will be shrinking his 15-story building by nine stories to comply with the rezoning (which is the subject of a bitter local debate and a lawsuit by property owners).

Grand St Stop Work Order

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