Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gl Sunday TV: The Bedford Avenue Dancer Collection

Here's a huge set of vids by and of Matthew Silver, aka the Bedford Avenue Dancer. He has his own website and emailed recently to say "I'm trying to making Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn into a circus by slowly weaving the local characters, the people I see there every Sunday, store owners, the street vendors, musicians, artists, rent owners, street roamers, performers in to a positive wacky interactive performance, show, movement...I want to keep the show community based and always at a grass roots level, a positive influence in helping out the community by creating positive attention, my main goal is to reawaken a colorful wacky, funny, street life which seems to be dying. I want to make Bedford Ave. into a village of happy fools where people have the opportunity let out there inner child in public, which is what I've been doing."

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