Sunday, April 27, 2008

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Every Sunday, we like to take a look back at a few comments left on GL during the previous seven days. Here's a random sampling from this week:

PM Update: Boerum Hill "Asian Garbage Bag Thief". "This happens all over the city. What makes you feel like your trash is any better than anyone else?" [Anonymous]

PM Update: Boerum Hill "Asian Garbage Bag Thief". "As you said that you are not heartless, there are several levels of actions you could take on.
Of the highest, you would show up at her arrival, speak to her regardless of her understanding English. Offer her what she needs next to your trash bag and basically convey in your imaginative ways to her that you want to help, but with your household, she needs not to open the trash bag.
Remember, even though her browsing is pesky and bordering unlawful, your generosity is beyond the legal or cultural realm. Put it this way, she is still a human being in desperate needs, but not a raccoon in the burb. Give her a break and continue to leave her needs next to your bag if you can't seem to confront her with your generosity." [Jason]

Bolt of Enlightenment: Gowanus Bunker is "Satori"!!! "Satori is phonetically identical to "Satory" , a military compound in France.
I understand now why this building looks like a bunker." [Jacques Clouseau]

Brooklyn Nibbles, Special: Five Guys Burgers Coming to Slope. "You thought D'Agostino's stunk of bad food and rotten produce? Wait until you get a whiff of this greasy spoon. Too slow for NY.
And if you have a coronary ... there's Methodist across the street ... on second thought ..." [Anonymous]



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