Monday, May 01, 2006

Calder? No. Ratner!

Calder Sculpture at City Hall, originally uploaded by rsguskind.

Gowanus Lounge can't seem to turn around without tripping over super-sizing developer Forest City Ratner. This Alexander Calder sculpture is one of several that have been installed around City Hall and in City Hall Park. The sculptures are sponsored by none other than Forest City Ratner. A developer's got to do what a developer's got to do to remain the good graces of the public, AKA, fulfill his civic duty.

Now, about all that effluent that Mr. Ratner's Atlantic Yards project threatens to dump into the long-suffering Gowanus Canal...Public art could help soothe us. How about commissioning a large sculpture of a commode at Atlantic and Flatbush? Maybe Frank Gehry could run a design competition?


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