Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Clearing the Way for Ektorp: Todd Shipyards Demolition is Going Well

The image at left, posted by intrepid photoblogger Alexis Robie on his excellent Lex's Folly site, shows the progress that Ikea is making toward Ektorping Red Hook.

"So much of the Ship Yard off the Erie Basin has already been demolished and it looks like they have saved the most impressive buildings for last," he writes. "I can already smell those Swedish meatballs..."

Gowanus Lounge's thirst for images of demolition by wrecking ball and inferno over the last two days is now entirely quenched. If you haven't already checked out Ikea's nifty animation of the suburban big box future of this site, then spend a second at yesterday's item. The Ikea website, which has been mostly down (by design?) seems down again (too much fun poked at their video?), but to get a glimpse of the vision of the Big Box Red Hook Future, check Curbed's screen capture.


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