Friday, May 12, 2006

Frank Gehry Online Slamming Olympics, Day Two

Some of the reaction to Atlantic Yards V2.0 is so, well, nasty, negative and vituperative, that you almost have to feel sorry for Frank Gehry. Whereas Gowanus Lounge has issues with the project's scale, we don't go rabid dog about the design. (What sort of structure, exactly, do those that are stunned expect from Frank Gehry?) The starchitect himself says of the design process, "We're trying to understand what is Brooklyn, what is the body language of Brooklyn, and trying to emulate it without copying it. Copying it would trivialize it."

The body language of Brooklyn? God help us all. (GL has used the ultimate restraint to refrain from Brooklyn Body Language jokes.) GL would settle for some Gehryian chat with people who will be living next to the thing, or looking up and staring at it.

And, then, of course, there is matter of Miss Brooklyn and Frank O.'s explanation of how the name came to be. (Insert gag reflex here.)

Surely, Gehry knows of New York's history of eating architects for lunch and evacuating them by dinner?

Meantime, one of the more amusing events (so far, but it will be a long day) of the Deconstruct a Starchitect Olympics comes courtesy of's impromptu Atlantic Yard's poll, an early capture of which appears below.


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