Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Brooklyn Bloggers' Garden Fever

Between Brownstoner's awesome garden and A Brooklyn Life's beautiful backyard, Gowanus Lounge is developing a very, very serious case of garden envy that window boxes just won't cure. There, we said it. We only have window ledges. Brownstoner has been chronicling the transformation of his backyard and, we gladly note, went shopping at Gowanus Nursery on Sunday. (Pricey, but supporting a Gowanus plant business is priceless.) The preliminary results of the backyard work are pictured above. Then, we have A Brooklyn Life, who today is featuring the marvelous work she has been doing in her yard. ABL (who's super cool backyard space is below) calls it "a daily source of personal joy and an occasional source of envy amongst friends." We can see why.

Us? Well, there's always Prospect Park and our beloved window boxes.


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