Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ironic Item of the Week: Mouse Turds Close Atlantic Terminal Chuck E. Cheese

Gowanus Lounge's instincts said "blog this" when we noticed a small item a week ago about the Health Department temporarily closing the Atlantic Terminal Mall Chuck E. Cheese for having what are known in the trade as "mouse droppings" in the kitchen. We didn't. But now that the Brooklyn Papers have weighed in with a priceless description of the problem, we can no longer sit back. In any case, we are probably so far behind the curve that we are in front of it again. We'll leave it to the Bklyn Papers to disect the Health Department report:

Approximately 30 mice droppings on paper goods storage shelf near kitchen entrance...Approximately 10-20 mice droppings on shelf floor of rear exit. Evidence of mice or live mouse present in facility’s food and non-food areas…Approximately 60-70 mouse droppings on floor in electrical closet in kitchen.
The restaurant has been reinspected and has reopened.

We have two comments, with one being a question: First, they actually count the mouse "droppings"? And, second, always blog when the little voice inside says so; mouse turds at Chuck E. Cheese is a story with legs, as they say.


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